Kanada-Ya Panton Street – Haymarket

Kanada curtainThis is my second visit to this small but perfectly appointed chain of Japanese cafés. Kanada-Ya presents a casual den for those who love noodles. You can read my first article here …and it’s glowing. https://www.mostlyfood.co.uk/index.php/kanada-ya-or-how-i-found-my-noodle/

Specialising in authentic Tonkotsu ramen, the brand was founded by Kanada Kazuhiro in Yukuhashi, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan, in 2009.  All Kanada-Ya noodles are made on site to produce those fresh, bouncy, firm noodles needed to complement the rich soups. Customers can ask for their noodles to be cooked to their own specification of bounce or chew.

OK, Kanada-Ya Panton Street isn’t a glitzy venue, but it does have the air of an authentic Japanese noodle bar. The Japanese are very particular about both noodle and broth, and are happy to stand while enjoying steaming bowls of ramen. Luckily Kanada-Ya Panton Street has seats, so one can slurp in comfort.

Creamy and hearty

Kanada misoTonkotsu X is one of the most popular ramen dishes on offer at Kanada-Ya. It consists of pork and corn-fed chicken bone broth, chashu pork belly, wood ear fungus, seaweed and spring onion. The soup is creamy and hearty with all those floating ingredients. Add an orange-yolked boiled egg for an Instagramable meal that will tempt many a return visit.

Miso Paitan is a limited-time dish, so visit soon to avoid disappointment. The broth is a lighter miso and chicken bone broth but still rich and rib-sticking. The noodles are thin and wavy in the Tokyo style of ramen. This bowl had a real taste of spring with both buttered sweetcorn and sugar snap peas adding colour and texture. The taste of these veggies offsets the slightly salty soup. One can ask for extra noodles if there is still plenty of broth remaining; I doubt that will often happen as the portions are substantial.

Addictive Chashu Don

The perfect side dish to go with this savoury miso-based soup is the delicious and addictive Chashu Don. That’s white rice and seared chashu pork with a garnish of spring onion. The meat was melting and well-flavoured. The rice was tender and a perfect foil for the soup. Karaage Japanese fried chicken with a little mayo is another traditional small plate, and prized for its crunch.

Kanada pork

Kanada-Ya Panton Street has a central location with easy access to a couple of Underground stations as well as a fleet of red buses. It’s the ideal spot for a warming and filling casual lunch that won’t break the bank.

Kanada tonkotsu

Opening Times:

Monday to Saturday:
12 noon – 3pm, 5pm – 10.30pm

12 noon – 8.30pm

Kanada-Ya – Haymarket
3 Panton Street

Phone: 020 7930 3511


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