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Japanese English
abekawa mochi grilled cut mochi topped with mixed sugar and kinako, or syrup and kinako
abura oil
aburage puffy, thin brown fried tofu slices
aemono cooked salad, foods in vinegar dressing or sauces
agari green tea (as served in sushi restaurants)
age fried
agedofu thick slices of deep fried tofu used in soups, nimono etc
agemono fried foods
aji, aji-no-tataki Spanish mackerel, horse mackerel
aji-no-moto monosodium glutamate (MSG)
aka miso red soy bean paste
akagai red clam
akami lean tuna, cut from the back of the fish
ama-ebi sweet shrimp, usually served raw (see odori-ebi)
amiyaki cooked over a wire grill
an sweetened pureed paste of cooked adzuki or white kidney bean
ankimo monkfish liver
anko-nabe monkfish stew
anmitsu dessert made from agar-agar, an and sugar
annago or anago conger eel (saltwater)
ao shiso no mi prepared beefsteak plant seeds
aoyagi yellow clam
asa gohan breakfast
awabi abalone
awaze-zu rice vinegar (also su)
ayu sweetfish, a medium sized river fish
azuki or aduki small red bean
baigai small water snails
bara sushi sushi rice and other ingredients mixed together, like a rice salad
basashi horse-meat sashimi
bata butter
battera-sushi Osaka-style pressed and moulded mackerel sushi
beni shoga red pickled ginger
bento traditional boxed lunch
biru beer
bulgogi Korean marinated beef dish
buri adult yellowtail tuna (also hamachi)
burokkori broccoli
buta pork
California roll crab meat, smelt or flying fish roe, with avocado (the avocado is the Californian bit!)
chanko-nabe seafood and vegetable stew eaten by sumo wrestlers
chawan mushi egg custard with diced vegetables
chazuke rice and various toppings, over which green tea is poured
chiizu cheese
chikuwa tube shaped, hollow browned fish cake
chirashi sushi bed of sushi rice with other ingredients mixed on top; usually consists of assorted raw fish on a bed of vinegared rice (also iso-don or gomoku sushi)
chutoro medium fatty tuna, from the upper belly
daikon giant long white, carrot-shaped Japanese radish
daizu soybeans
dango dumplings
dashi soup stock made from kelp and fish (basic to Japanese cooking)
dengaku tofu or konnyaku broiled with sweet miso
doburoku type of thick, soupy sake
donburi large bowl for noodle and rice dishes
ebi cooked shrimp or prawn
engawa halibut fin muscle or the orangey meat that surrounds a scallop
enoki long, thin, white mushrooms
fugu blowfish; requires a licence for preparation as it is poisonous if prepared incorrectly!
fugu-chiri blowfish soup
fuki fibrous vegetable often simmered in broth
fukusa sushi type of sushi which is wrapped in a crepe
funamori nigiri sushi wrapped to hold in less-solid ingredients (also gunkan maki or kakomi sushi)
furutsu fruit
futomaki large roll
gari or shoga sliced pickled ginger, a condiment used to refresh the palate
genmai brown rice
geta wooden block used at a sushi bar as a plate
gobo long, slender burdock root
gohan formal word for rice, also meaning “meal” (the informal word meshi can also be used)
goma sesame seeds
gomoku sushi bed of sushi rice with other ingredients mixed on top (also chirashi sushi or iso-don)
gunkan maki nigiri sushi wrapped to hold in less-solid ingredients (also funamori or kakomi sushi)
gyoza or wonton: Chinese style meat dumplings pan-fried, sautéed and/or steamed
gyu tataki beef tataki
hamachi yellowtail tuna (also buri)
hamo pike conger
hari hari zuke pickled vegetable mix (yellow)
harusame thin semi-transparent bean gelatine noodles
hashi chopsticks
hatahata sandfish
hijiki variety of black seaweed in tiny threads
hikari-mono fish sliced for serving, with the silver fish skin left on
hirame flounder
hiru-gohan lunch
hiya yakko blocks of cold tofu
hiyashi cold
hiyashi-bachi served chilled in a bowl with ice and cold water
hocho general term for knives
hokkigai surf clam
horenso spinach
hotatagai scallops
iidako small octopus
iIka-geso squid’s tentacles
ika squid
ikura salmon roe
inari sushi aburage stuffed with sushi rice
ishikari-nabe salmon stew with sake
iso-don bed of sushi rice with other ingredients mixed on top (also chirashi sushi or gomoku sushi)
iwana char
iwashi sardine
ji- prefix meaning locally made or caught
kabayaki grilled eel on skewers without rice
kabu small white turnip
kai generic term for shellfish
kaiseki ryori elaborate Kyoto-style cuisine
kajiki swordfish
kakomi sushi nigiri sushi wrapped to hold in less-solid ingredients (also funamori or gunkan maki)
kamaboko fish cake
kamachi-kama yellowtail collars
kampyo seasoned Japanese dried gourd
kani crab meat
kani-kamaboko fake crab meat
kanimiso green contents of a crab’s head
kanpachi very young yellowtail
kanpyo strips of dried gourd
kanten gelatine derived from seaweed
kappa cucumber
kappa -maki rolled cucumber sushi
kareh katsu curry sauce poured over deep-fried pork cutlet
karei halibut
katsu cutlet
katsuo bonito fish
katsuo-boshi dried bonito fish used to make dashi
kayaku gohan mixed rice
kikurage dried fungus, wood-ear mushroom (substitute: cloud-ear)
kimachi small fish from the yellowtail family
kinako parched soya bean flour
kinoko generic term for mushrooms
kinome leaves of the Japanese prickly ash
kissaten coffee shop
kohada gizzard shad
kohi coffee
koi saltwater carp
kombu (or konbu) kelp, may be dried
konnyaku gelatinous rubbery cake made from the “devils-tongue” tuber or snake palm
koyadofu freeze-dried tofu
kuro goma black sesame seeds
kurodai snapper
kyur Japanese cucumber
langostino small shellfish (a bit Italian really!)
maguro tuna
makisu mat made of bamboo strips for making roll sushi
manju sweet bun filled with an
masago (or masagu) smelt roe
masu trout
matsutake very rare pine mushroom
mekajiki blue marlin
meshi informal word for cooked rice, can also mean “meal”, See also gohan)
meshimono rice mixed with meat or vegetables
mirin sweet rice wine (sake) for cooking
mirugai long neck clam, geoduck, in the American Pacific northwest
miso fermented paste of soya beans and either barley or rice, with salt; basic to Japanese cookery and especially miso soup
mitzutaki cooked in liquid
mizu water
mochi sweet glutinous rice cakes
mochigome mochi rice
mochiko sweet glutinous rice flour
momen tofu ‘cottony’ bean curd; see tofu
momo peach
mori-soba cold buckwheat noodles served on a bamboo screen
moyashi bean sprouts
murasaki sushi bar term for soy sauce
mushimono steamed foods
myoga variety of ginger
nabemono quick-cooked and rustic stews
nama prefix meaning raw food or draught beer
nama-tako fresh or raw octopus
nametake chazuke prepared mushrooms
nanami togarashi mixed hot spices (also shichimi togarashi)
narizushi stuffed bean curd rolls or sushi rice in fried tofu pockets
nasu eggplant or aubergine
natto fermented soy bean
negi Japanese onion
negitoro chopped and mixed negi-onion and toro
neta the fish topping in nigiri sushi
nigiri hand-made sushi is the typical sushi and is ordered and served in pairs
nigiri sushi slice of fish or other topping on vinegared rice
nihon shu type of sake, rice wine
niika cooked Monterey squid
nijimas rainbow trout
nimono simmered or boiled foods, usually in an otoshi buta
nori purple laver seaweed pressed and toasted in thin sheets
norimake roll with nori seaweed on the outside
ocha green tea
ochazuke rice and tea soup
odori-ebi ‘dancing shrimp’, served live (see also ama-ebi)
ohba Japanese beefsteak plant
ohitsu special bowl to keep rice warm
okonomi-zushi home-style nigiri sushi
onigiri balls made with plain steamed rice with various stuffings
oshi pressed sushi, cut into small squares
oshibori moistened heated towel
oshinko pickled vegetables, usually cucumber
oshiwaku wooden box with top
oshizushi sushi rice and other ingredients pressed into a box or mould
otoro fattest tuna
otoshi buta heavy straight-sided pan with wooden lid, used for simmering (see nimono)
pan-joon very light Korean scallion (spring onion) pancake
renkon lotus roots
robata-yaki fresh ingredients cooked over a wood fire
ronzu sauce made with Japanese citron
saba pickled mackerel
sake rice wine
sake salmon
sakura denbu seasoned shredded cod fish (pink powder)
sanma Japanese mackerel
sansho Japanese pepper
sashimi raw seafood, usually slices or slabs of raw seafood, such as tuna and octopus, served on a platter with thinly sliced ginger, finely shredded radish, and wasabi
sato-imo taro root
sawagani small crabs
seigo young sea bass
senbei thin, crisp rice crackers
shako mantis shrimp
shamoji flat rice-serving spoon
shari sushi bar term for sushi rice
shichimi togarashi mixed hot spices (also nanami togarashi)
shiitake type of Japanese mushroom
shirako milt of cod
shiratake translucent rubbery noodles
shira-uo whitebait, icefish or salangid
shiro goma white sesame seeds
shiro maguro albacore tuna
shiro miso white soy bean paste
shiromi no sakana sushi/sashimi fish which are relatively white in colour
shirumono Japanese term for soup
shiso Japanese mint
shiso sakura pickled radish and ginger with beefsteak plant (pink)
shochu 25-40% spirit made from potatoes or rice
shoga ginger root
shoyu soy sauce, mixed with the wasabi for dipping the sushi
shu-mei stuffed wontons, served steamed or deep-fried
soba buckwheat noodles
soba-zushi sushi made with soba rather than rice
somen white, threadlike wheat noodles
soy sauce salty sauce made from fermented soybeans
su rice vinegar (also awaze-zu)
sudare floor- or window-sized bamboo mat
suimono clear soup
sukimi bits of fish scraped from the bones, used in rolls
sunomon vinegared foods
suribachi bowl with a rough corrugated inside, used as a mortar
surikogi wooden pestle shaped like a big cucumber
sushi delicacies made with fish, seafood or vegetables moulded on top of vinegared moulded rice fingers
sushimeshi rice for preparing sushi
suzuki sea bass, striped bass or rockfish
tai sea bream, porgy or snapper
tairagai razor-shell clam
takenoko bamboo shoots
tako octopus
takuwan pickled daikon
tamago eggs
tamago yaki fried egg
tare thick sauce, usually soy-based and slightly sweetened
tataki grilled on the surface, then finely chopped
tazuna sushi roll with diagonal strips of food across the top, Rainbow roll
tekka tuna, especially in a roll
temaki hand rolls, usually cone-shaped
tempura seafood or vegetables, battered and deep-fried usually in a light batter
teriyaki broiled foods marinated in a sweet soy sauce
tobiko flying-fish roe
tofu set soya bean curd
togarashi whole dried hot red peppers
tonkatsu pork cutlet, breaded then fried
tori chicken
torigai cockle clam
toro fatty tuna
toshi-koshi soba Japanese custom of eating soba at the end of the year
tsukemono pickles
udon thick, wide wheat noodles
umeboshi small, bitter, pickled Japanese plum
ume-shiso plum paste and shiso leaf mixture
una-don grilled eel, served on rice
unagi freshwater eel
unagi grilled or smoked eel
unagi maki eel roll
unagi no kimo eel innards
uni sea urchin
usukuchi shoyu light Japanese soy sauce
wakame lobe-leaf seaweed, possibly dried, in strands
wasabi Japanese horseradish sauce (beware: very hot)
yak grilled, toasted
yakidofu broiled or grilled soy bean curd
yakimono broiled foods
yakinori toasted seaweed
yakitori skewer-grilled foods
yakumi one of several strongly-flavoured seasonings
yamakaki grated mountain potato with chunks of maguro
yosenabe fish, seafood and vegetable soup


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English Japanese
abalone awabi
aubergine nasu
bamboo shoots takenoko
bass, sea suzuki
bass, sea, young seigo
bean curd, ‘cottony’ momen tofu
bean sprouts moyashi
bean, small red azuki or aduki
beefsteak plant, Japanese ohba
beer biru
blowfish fugu
bonito fish katsuo
bonito fish, dried katsuo-boshi
bowl, large, for noodle and rice dishes donburi
breakfast asa gohan
bream, sea tai
broccoli burokkori
broiled (grilled) yakimono
burdock root gobo
butter bata
carp, saltwater koi
char iwana
cheese chiizu
chicken tori
chopsticks hashi
clam, cockle torigai
clam, long neck mirugai
clam, razor-shell tairagai
clam, red akagai
clam, surf hokkigai
clam, yellow aoyagi
cod milt shirako
coffee kohi
coffee shop kissaten
cold hiyashi
conger, pike hamo
crab meat kani
crab meat, fake kani-kamaboko
crabs, small sawagani
crackers, thin, crisp rice senbei
cucumber kappa
cucumber, Japanese kyur
cutlet katsu
daikon, pickled takuwan
dumplings dango
eel innards unagi no kimo
eel roll unagi maki
eel, conger (saltwater) annago or anago
eel, freshwater unagi
egg tamago
egg, fried tamago yaki
eggplant nasu
fish cake kamaboko
flounder hirame
flour, sweet glutinous rice mochiko
fried age
fried foods agemono
fruit furutsu
gelatine (derived from seaweed) kanten
ginger myoga
ginger root shoga
ginger, red pickled beni shoga
ginger, sliced pickled gari or shoga
green tea ocha
green tea (as served in sushi restaurants) agari
grilled, toasted yak
halibut karei
horseradish sauce, Japanese wasabi
kelp kombu (or konbu)
knives hocho
lotus roots renkon
lunch hiru-gohan
mackerel, Japanese sanma
mackerel, pickled saba
mackerel, Spanish or horse aji, aji-no-tataki
marlin, blue mekajiki
mat, for making roll sushi makisu
mint, Japanese shiso
monkfish liver ankimo
monkfish stew anko-nabe
monosodium glutamate (MSG) aji-no-moto
mortar bowl suribachi
mushroom, Japanese shiitake
mushroom, long, thin, white enoki
mushroom, pine matsutake
mushroom, wood-ear kikurage
mushrooms, generic kinoko
mushrooms, prepared nametake chazuke
noodles, buckwheat soba
noodles, thick, wide wheat udon
noodles, thin semi-transparent bean gelatine harusame
noodles, translucent rubbery shiratake
noodles, white, threadlike wheat somen
octopus tako
octopus, fresh or raw nama-tako
octopus, small iidako
oil abura
onion, Japanese negi
pan, heavy straight-sided with wooden lid otoshi buta
peach momo
pepper, Japanese sansho
pepper, whole dried hot red togarashi
pestle, wooden surikogi
pickles tsukemono
plum, small, bitter, pickled Japanese umeboshi
pork buta
radish, Japanese daikon
rice for preparing sushi sushimeshi
rice, brown genmai
rice, cooked (formal term) gohan
rice, cooked, (informal term) meshi
rice, mixed kayaku gohan
roe, flying-fish tobiko
roe, salmon ikura
roe, smelt masago or masagu
roll, large futomaki
salmon sake
sandfish hatahata
sardine iwashi
scallops hotatagai
seaweed, lobe-leaf wakame
seaweed, purple laver nori
seaweed, toasted yakinori
sesame seeds goma
sesame seeds, black kuro goma
sesame seeds, white shiro goma
shad, gizzard kohada
shellfish kai
shellfish, small langostino (a bit Italian really!)
shrimp or prawn, cooked ebi
shrimp, ‘dancing shrimp’ odori-ebi (served live; see also ama-ebi)
shrimp, mantis shako
shrimp, sweet ama-ebi (see also odori-ebi)
snails, small water baigai
snapper kurodai
soup shirumono
soup, clear suimono
soup, rice and tea ochazuke
soy bean paste, red aka miso
soy bean paste, white shiro miso
soy bean, fermented natto
soy sauce, light, Japanese usukuchi shoyu
soya bean curd, set tofu
soybeans daizu
spices, mixed hot shichimi (or nanami) togarashi
spinach horenso
spoon, flat, for serving rice shamoji
squid ika
squid, Monterey, cooked niika
stock, soup dashi
sushi, hand-made nigiri
sweetfish ayu
swordfish kajiki
taro root sato-imo
tentacles, squid iIka-geso
towel, moistened heated oshibori
trout masu
trout, rainbow nijimas
tuna maguro
tuna in a roll tekka
tuna, albacore shiro maguro
tuna, fattest otoro
tuna, fatty toro
tuna, lean akami
tuna, medium fatty chutoro
tuna, yellowtail hamachi (also buri)
tuna, yellowtail, small kimachi
tuna, yellowtail, very young kanpachi
turnip, small white kabu
urchin, sea uni
vinegar, rice su (also awaze-zu)
water mizu
whitebait, icefish or salangid shira-uo
wine, rice sake
wine, rice, sweet, for cooking mirin
wonton gyoza


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