itsu crispy seaweed thins

itsu seaweed wasabiDeep joy! Another seaweed snack. No, dear reader, I am not kidding. I love this healthy and tasty stuff, and not just surrounding one’s sushi, either! Enjoy itsu crispy seaweed thins.

I have tried two flavours of itsu crispy seaweed thins. The ‘thin’ element really is ‘butterfly light’ as the company actually says. (Who has the job of weighing a butterfly?) The nori, for that is what this is, is the Japanese name for edible seaweed. You would have enjoyed it as the wrapper for your sushi, but then it takes on a more leathery consistency with the moisture from the rice. These thins are crisp and dry and packed with nutrients, zinc, iron, B vitamins and iodine, a nutrient missing from most foods, vital for wellbeing and effective metabolism. Plenty of savoury umami, too!

itsu crispy seaweed thins are the ideal snack for those of us watching our weight. Packs, depending on flavour, only contain a maximum of 24 calories for the whole pack. Each green and crunchy sheet only boasts a couple of calories and a pack is surprisingly sustaining. I guess it’s the hit of intense seaweed taste that lingers, giving the impression of a fairly filling and likely less healthy traditional snack.

The Sea Salt variety would be the perfect choice for any prospective muncher who might be unfamiliar with nori seaweed. The salt isn’t overpowering but just in perfect balance with the nori. But braver souls must try the Wasabi seaweed thins. They are vibrant and addictive. Nothing dumbed-down about these. They are perfect as a light nibble but really add another dimension to home-made onigiri (rice balls) which make a change from a sandwich for lunch.


itsu crispy seaweed thins with wasabi may contain soya, seaweed (laver) (65%), corn oil, sesame oil, salt, wasabi powder (salt, glucose, spice extracts (contains mustard), yeast extract powder, spinach powder, corn oil, wasabi stem powder).

itsu crispy seaweed thins with sea salt may contain mustard, sesame and soya, seaweed (laver) (65%), olive oil, salt.


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