44 Foods for Breakfast

For Entertaining or Pampering

44 foods eggsThere are plenty of food delivery companies around these days and that’s a good thing. There are plenty of fairly sub-standard delivery companies around these days and that’s a bad thing. I have enjoyed 44 Foods packages a couple of times now and I can attest to their quality of both service and goods.

They don’t do next day delivery. They have adopted a four-day lead time which gives their partners the opportunity to pick the freshest produce, thus ensuring maximum shelf life. More importantly it eliminates the need for warehouses full of soon-to-be-wasted foods.

44 Foods offer plenty of choice and for added convenience they also suggest food Bundles – the Luxury Breakfast Bundle was my choice. The box of goodies was perfectly packed with still-frozen chill packs, insulation and cushioning for every product.

The Luxury Breakfast Bundle box, and it was a sizable one, contained:

44 foods breakfast Mudwalls British Apple Juice, English Breakfast Tea, Fresh Semi-skimmed Milk, Blueberries, Sliced Everyday Harvest Loaf perfect for toasting, rich Cotswold Salted Butter, ripe British Large Vine Tomatoes, large open-cap Portobello Mushrooms, a real Ready to Eat Avocado, half a dozen Cacklebean Mixed Chicken Eggs, Long Sliced Smoked Salmon for a special treat, half a dozen Traditional Thick Pork Sausages and flavourful Dry Cured Back Bacon!

This box, with the addition of a few inexpensive ingredients, could feed a crowd. For instance, those blueberries could be added to plain yoghurt, served atop a toaster waffle, enjoyed over your favourite breakfast cereal. The smoked salmon could be used in scrambled eggs on toast with a garnish of grilled toms. The main event must be a Big Breakfast taking advantage of bacon, sausages, fried tomatoes, eggs and mushrooms with a side of buttered toast. Present this on a big platter or in individual servings. Who doesn’t love a breakfast sandwich, and particularly when it’s filled with bacon and runny-yolk eggs? Still plenty of mushrooms left, so chop and stir-fry them in a little butter and perhaps a crushed garlic clove. Add just a little cream if you have it or even milk at a pinch and allow the sauce to thicken a little. Season well and serve on toast. Avocado on toast is always a winner and even better garnished with a poached egg. All of the above could be enjoyed with apple juice and plenty of tea.

OK, so one could go out to every high-end deli, butcher’s, grocer’s and fishmonger’s in town and shave off a quid or two from the price, but the savings wouldn’t be that much. We are talking quality foods here and it’s important to compare like with like. We lead hectic lives and convenience is prized. 44 Foods are, in my experience, reliable. I am already picking my next bundle!


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