Introducing plant-based Wild-Arbor Clear Cream Liqueur

Cream of the crop brings clarity

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If you thought cream liqueur was something for your granny, think again. There’s an innovation which will clearly blow away those preconceptions.

Recently launched is Wild-Arbor Clear Cream Liqueur – the first 100% plant-based and clear cream liqueur. It is dairy free, gluten free, and GMO free (free from genetically modified organisms), and free from artificial ingredients.

You heard it right: it’s clear. Transparent in appearance, Wild-Arbor has the velvety mouthfeel of a traditional cream liqueur yet is a lower-calorie, indulgent treat without the guilt. And because it is clear, it looks cool in the glass, too.

If any doubts linger, this is stocked by the arbiters of good taste, Waitrose & where it is currently selling at a promotional price of £16 (usual price: £19.99).

On the palate Wild-Arbor contains notes of rich chocolate, vanilla, and caramel. To underline its sustainable, plant-based credentials, the company plants a tree for every bottle sold. Wild-Arbor Clear Cream Liqueur makes a superb martini and is also delicious served neat, over ice. Pour it over ice-creams or use in baking for indulgent desserts. Wild-Arbor is described as ‘a cream liqueur as nature intended’.


Drink Wild-Arbor neat, on the rocks or have fun with these decadent cocktails:



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Ingredients for 2 Mudslides

60ml  Wild-Arbor Clear Cream Liqueur

50g Chocolate syrup

60ml Coffee liqueur

60 ml vodka

4 Scoops of vanilla ice-cream (or whipped cream)

Ice cubes

Garnish with crushed Oreo Cookies, available in Waitrose, and a Cadbury’s Flake.

Glass: Hurricane Style Glass


Take your glasses and tilting at about 45 degrees gently rotate while squeezing or pouring in the chocolate syrup, making a swirl pattern inside the glasses. Then place the glasses in the freezer. Once chilled thoroughly, place all the liquid ingredients, four or five ice cubes and two generous scoops of vanilla ice cream into a blender (making sure yours can take ice – otherwise crush the ice first) and pulse until smooth.

Remove the chilled glasses from the freezer and dip the rims into some crushed Cadburys Flake. Pour the mixture from the blender into the glasses. Top off with an extra scoop of ice cream or a little whipped cream. Sprinkle the remaining crushed flake and top off with an Oreo cookie.

Want to add that little extra shot? Just dip your straw into the Wild-Arbor bottle, put your finger over the end (creating a vacuum) then remove the straw, while keeping your finger in place of course, and push the straw into your cocktail.




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1 Part Wild-Arbor Clear Cream Liqueur

1 Part Vodka

1 Part Chocolate Liqueur (e.g. Godiva)

Chocolate Syrup

Good quality cocoa powder

Chocolate Wafer Roll

Garnish: Sprig of fresh mint


Chill Martini glasses in the refrigerator. Once chilled, drizzle chocolate syrup in an elegant spiral swirl around the inside of the glass (keep them in the fridge until needed. Combine the Wild-Arbor, Chocolate Liqueur, and vodka in a shaker filled with ice. Shake until fully chilled. Pour into the chilled Martini Glasses. Use a small sieve to sprinkle the cocoa powder on the surface of your cocktail and place a single wafer roll on top. Finish with a garnish of mint.