Wild and Game BBQ

Wild and Game for burgers and more

wild and game burgerWild and Game is the Somerset-based not-for-profit company working to turn the UK into a nation of game eaters. While game season is traditionally the time to enjoy game, Wild and Game produces frozen products, making it possible to enjoy these healthy, delicious meats at any time of the year.

The company has created a range of not only fresh meat and game pies but also sausages and burgers, which are just perfect for BBQ season. The weather might not be predictable but Wild and Game quality always is.

Let us take the usually humble burger. It’s ‘nice’, it’s ‘OK’, it’s ‘well the kids will eat them’. Nothing wrong with that, but adults with discerning palates also enjoy casual al fresco dining. A burger of distinction will fit the bill and garner the host/hostess a pile of undeserved compliments – after all, Wild and Game have done all the hard work.


Unmistakably different

wild and game bbq

Wild and Game offer a selection of burgers: Venison Burgers, Wild Boar Burgers and other combinations are available and are suitable for home freezing. They could not be more convenient or delicious. These burgers are unmistakably different and elevate just a regular grilled meal into something rather special.

Burgers tend to have an iffy reputation and it’s not surprising. It’s all about the meat: if you make a burger from unappetising cuts, then no amount of additives will save that dubious patty. On the other hand, Wild and Game burgers are worthy of presenting to folks who appreciate good food.

But perhaps a sausage would be your bun-filler of choice when the coals are glowing. Wild and Game can help with that too. Deer Sausages, Venison sausages, Wild Boar and more are all moist, meaty, and well-seasoned. I am a lover of a good sausage and these certainly are. They don’t need any fancy garnishes but some good bread in which to nestle – and perhaps some caramelised onions would add a tasty finishing touch.

So, open a bottle of red, fire up the grill and enjoy the sound of silence as your guests savour some rather good summer fare.


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