Wizards Magic Chocolate

wizards magic chocolateOK, I confess, I wasn’t expecting a lot from Wizards Magic Chocolate. The name and indeed the packaging hinted at an expected audience of Harry Potter fans. How good was this going to be?

Wizards Magic Chocolate is full of free-froms. The market is overflowing with innovative foods that are often lacking in far more than that from which they are free – things like taste. But, gosh, this magical confection has some of the most convincing flavour points I have found. The mint from their range had a fresh and natural taste and that flavour had a long and pleasant finish. I would go as far as to say that when I crave a minty choc then this is the one for me.

Tiny 1% of sugar

But on to the dietary considerations. Wizards Magic Chocolate has a tiny 1% of sugar. Many competitors have much more, like 55% more and that is a staggering amount.  You will hang on to your teeth for longer, too! This is 100% plant-based and vegan-friendly – no animal products here. It’s gluten free and high in fibre, and doesn’t contain any palm oil.

Wizards Magic Chocolate is 100% recyclable. The card wrapping looks pleasingly old-fashioned and reminds those of us who boast a ‘certain age’ of a gentler era. These strange times have allowed all of us to regroup and reconsider our values. Wizards Magic Chocolate is a mindful treat and in keeping with our new world. Many things are changing, and a few are even improving.

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