Take Kopparberg on a Picnic

Pre-mixed cocktails for summer fun.

kopparberg cocktailsIt’s summer, well, almost. We are planning al fresco gatherings in the garden, days on the beach and picnics in the park. We may have the food planned but drink can be more problematic. Kopparberg is already quite well known for its cider, but now they offer a small selection of pre-mixed cocktails.

We want to see friends and we want to offer them a choice of drinks. Cocktails are more popular than ever. It can be complicated for the host who isn’t a confident mixologist. How to choose the right spirit for the right mixer? Kopparberg has the non-professional barman covered. These drinks come in cans and are ready to enjoy.

These convenient cocktails work for an alfresco soirée at home, but they come into their own when the outdoor venue doesn’t have the advantage of a well-stocked bar. One can take along a cool-bag with a selection of Kopparberg drinks, with no worry about lugging bottles of spirits and the cocktail fixin’s. Just pull a tab and the party begins.

Kopparberg have three ready-to-drink cocktails: a Strawberry Cosmo, Lemon Collins (my favourite), and Cherry Storm made with Kopparberg’s Cherry Rum. Chill well before drinking for the ideal summer serve.


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