Kopparberg Alcohol Free

A taste of the Tropics

kopparbergKopparberg has added an alcohol-free version of its Mixed Fruit Tropical flavour cider. The company is rising to the demand for non-alcoholic drinks not only for the past Dry January but for all year round.

We all like a glass of good wine or a well-crafted cocktail but we don’t need alcohol in every drink. We often crave something with a bit of flavour, light and refreshing without the worry of a drive home or a work-day hangover. Kopparberg offers some options.

The Mixed Fruit Tropical flavour cider had started as a limited-edition summer launch, to become a permanent part of the range in only seven months, so it was decided to roll out an alcohol-free version.

This sparkling and fruity drink will be welcomed in the summer when we are looking for something more than the usual colas. It is best served well-chilled with perhaps a garnish of pineapple or mango and a sprig of mint for some greenery. A sweet drink for garden sipping.

It is suitable for vegans and is now available in Asda and Tesco.

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