Chiquito® Vegan Burrito Bowl

A restaurant dinner at home.

Chiquito Vegan Burrito Bowl has another word emblazoned on the packing. Oumph! That is the Swedish alternative meat and now it’s partnered with Mexican restaurant chain, Chiquito.

Chiquito Vegan Burrito BowlThese days, more than ever, we look for both choice and convenience. We want flavour and texture and even meat eaters are happy to eat vegan dishes as long as they are delicious. The Chiquito Vegan Burrito Bowl has plenty of Oumph!

Chiquito Vegan Burrito Bowl is sold exclusively at over 1000 Iceland and Food Warehouse stores across the UK.  “Since launch, the Chiquito Vegan Burrito Bowl is out-performing against our initial forecasts, with some incredibly encouraging reviews from customers both in-store and online,” stated Andrew Staniland, Trading Director at Iceland Foods.

Feasts with friends and delicious dinners

“This dish is perfect for those trying to cut down on meat who don’t want to miss out on feasts with friends and delicious dinners. We are really proud of this new dish, and look forward to bringing restaurant-quality plant-based Mexican food to the high street!” added Anders Linden, Co-Founder, Corporate Chef and Head of Innovation at Oumph!

Chiquito Vegan Burrito Bowl is satisfying, well-textured with authentic spicing. There is nothing bland about this dish and I doubt it will disappoint habitués of the restaurant. Yes, it’s meat-free and suitable for vegans but even card-carrying carnivores won’t miss animal parts. It’s packaged for easy heating so one can have dinner in minutes with no washing up. The bowl is a tasty melange of flour tortilla with a topping of rice, chilli, Oumph!, salsa, jalapenos and tortilla chips.

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