Haskap – the Purple Superfood

Hhaskapaaskap berries are the nutrition industry’s best-kept secret and are set to be the biggest superfood trend for Summer 2021. Don’t worry if you have never heard of it. I had not either, but I am glad to have had the introduction.

Haskap berries really do have health benefits. They have one of the highest recorded anthocyanin (an antioxidant) value of any berry in the world. Top benefits of anthocyanins are said to include: reduced risk of developing chronic cardiac diseases; improved cognitive function; increased longevity. That is impressive, but one will buy this powder because it’s just so delicious and easy to use in so many recipes.

Haskapa Superfood Powder is perfect stirred into shakes – protein or otherwise, sprinkled on your morning porridge, as an addition to yoghurt, and baked into desserts. The benefits of just one heaped teaspoon of this powder is equivalent to that of eating a handful of fresh berries! This powder is so handy, and there is no risk of it going fuzzy at the back of the fridge.

But what actually is a haskap berry?

The haskap berry is an edible blue honeysuckle, native to northern hemisphere countries including Canada, Japan and Russia, with the botanical name Lonicera caerulea. The berries grow on deciduous leafy bushes which survive those freezing northern winters. They look very much like elongated blueberries. The berries are both deliciously tangy and sweet. The haskap was named by the indigenous Ainu people of Hokkaido, in northern Japan, who knew it as the berry of long life and good eyesight – and we all know how long-lived are the Japanese.

Haskapa Superfood Powder is simple to store and use. It adds both flavour and colour to all your fruity dishes. It’s summer, and some healthy ice cream is a delight on those hot days. Chop up some bananas, put in a zip-lock bag and freeze. Put the frozen chunks in a blender with one teaspoon of powder for each banana. Process till just smooth and eat right away, or return to the freezer till more solid. It’s a healthful winner!


Haskapa Superfood Powder is available to purchase online for £16.00 per pouch at https://www.haskapa.com/