Canaïma Gin

A taste of the Amazon.

canaima ginCanaïma is a craft Amazonian gin from a company dedicated to protecting and preserving the environment and the local communities who live there. This gin is produced by the family behind the celebrated Diplomático rum. 10% of its global sales will be donated to NGO’s and charities that protect the Amazon and its people, and they undertake to plant a tree for every bottle sold.  Since its launch, Canaïma Gin has planted 2,800 trees in the Amazonian Forest.

Named after Canaïma National Park, Canaïma gin takes advantage of 19 different botanicals with more than half of those coming from the Amazon region. Each botanical is distilled separately before being blended together, producing a complex and multi-layered,  exotic and fruity spirit which is perfect for summer cocktails with citrus profiles.

The gin within doesn’t disappoint

Canaïma Gin is appealing even before the stopper is pulled. The clear glass flask-shaped bottle sports a wood-topped cork and a label made from recycled paper and simply printed. It’s crisp, organic and unfussy. The gin within doesn’t disappoint either. It is rather unique with the fresh tang of grapefruit to the fore.

Tasting notes

Appearance: Clear and water white
Nose: citrus fruit, herb, spice and juniper
Palate: fresh, grapefruit and juniper
Finish: medium

RRP: £33.95 in various retailers including The Whisky Exchange, Selfridges and Amazon.

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