Jamaican Heat from Merchant Gourmet

Vegetarian with Island flavour.

Merchant Gourmet JamaicanLife is hectic for so many of us. We want tasty meals, healthy dinners, easy preparation. Merchant Gourmet have a range of delicious, pre-cooked plant-based dishes to suit every taste. The launch of Fiery Jamaican-style Grains and Pulses is perfectly timed for the outdoor entertaining season.

Jamaican-style Grains and Pulses are delicious, with that unmistakable spice combination of the Caribbean. Scotch Bonnet peppers, ginger, thyme and pimento are some of the ingredients and they are all staples of the island pantry. Each Merchant Gourmet pack will inspire the time-strapped home cook. Meals in a hurry don’t need to be boring.

Yes, these convenient pouches are plant-based, and they make for simple preparation of vegetarian meals. Just microwave (or heat in a pan) and add to some well-seasoned roast veggies. Use to fill a tortilla with some vegetarian cheese and one has a meal!

But Jamaican-style Grains and Pulses will be just as popular with meat eaters. They could be topped with jerk chicken or your favourite BBQ lamb. Add some Caribbean spices to your fish batter before frying and have these grains as a change from the usual chips! Each pack of Merchant Gourmet plant-based food is the convenient foundation of many a mouth-watering meal.

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