St-Rémy Signature

Simply Delicious.

St-Remy-brandyBrandy is the oft-overlooked spirit, although it’s one of the oldest. It can be made from almost any fruit, but most are made from grapes, which are harvested, pressed, fermented into wine and then distilled into brandy. St-Rémy Signature displays all the classic expressions of French brandy.

The St-Rémy distillery was founded in 1886 in Machecoul in the Loire Valley, following the devastating phylloxera outbreak which destroyed the Charente vineyards. In 2020 St-Rémy Signature brandy was launched. The word ‘brandy’ originates from the old Dutch word ‘brandewijn’, literally meaning ‘burnt wine’.

Brandy production is something of a process and it’s that which imparts specific characters to each spirit. In the case of St-Rémy Signature the initial maturation takes place in new oak casks made from Quercus Petraea with its fine grain. This is often called Irish Oak or Cornish Oak or Sessile Oak and is prized for increasing the flavour-imparting potential of the cask.  The second maturation takes place in traditional Quercus Robur casks. The wood, also called European Oak, has a wider grain and imparts a fruity character. The resulting brandy is silky, with both grape and oak layers.

Tasting notes:

Appearance: Clear burnt caramel
Nose: Oaky spices, vanilla, walnuts
Palate: dried fruit and Christmas spices

St-Rémy Signature may well convert those who keep a bottle of brandy for culinary purposes only. It’s lovely when served simply over ice; but try in cocktails, too.

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