Regional Cooking of England

Classic Culinary Treasures.

Regional Cooking of EnglandI review lots of books and they all have their own unique appeal, but Regional Cooking of England by Carol Wilson is something of a masterwork and should grace the shelf of every food lover.

I have a routine. I affix stickers to my favourite recipes, but Regional Cooking of England used all my notelets before I got to the end of the first chapter. This is a priceless collection of more than 280 classic recipes. They span both sweet and savoury, and many of these dishes are difficult to find in other cookbooks. They are a delicious traditional bunch which will likely excite memories of grandmother’s dinners. They are comforting and truly tempting.

All the recipes are tried-and-tested, well written with easy-to-follow instructions. My picks of the book are many. Salad with Warm Black Pudding makes a wonderful lunch. Mutton Pies can be made any size so could be a starter or dinner item. Creamed Leeks are a simple but smart side dish. Saffron Bread would be a delight when toasted over an open fire. OK, realistically, take advantage of your toaster and stand by the radiator consuming that bread dripping with lashings of butter.

Regional Cooking of England is a stunner. It is gift quality and at an amazing price too. It’s a great addition to my cookbook collection. So happy to have this inspirational volume.

Regional Cooking of England
Author: Carol Wilson
Published by: ‎Lorenz Books
Price: £25.00
ISBN-13: ‎978-0754835462