Flour by Christine McFadden – review

Flour: A comprehensive guide to grains and pulses, nuts and seeds: recipes from breads and tortillas to pancakes and pies was Flour by Christine Mc Faddenbound to be a good read. I have reviewed another of Christina McFadden’s books: Pepper – the spice that changed the world, and it was a lovely volume. My expectations were high, and they weren’t disappointed.

We hear so much these days about dietary concerns around the consumption of white flour, but there are alternatives. In this new book Christine McFadden considers the way in which flour has been used as a staple for many cultures. But there are a variety of types of flour and many recipes taking advantage of them.

Flour: a comprehensive guide, truly is a tour around grains and flour, as well as giving information on plant source, gluten/protein content, flavour profile and how best to use them. Each of the flours featured has its associated recipes developed or tested by Christine.

The flours include yam flour made into African Fufu and served with exotic spicy goat. There is a Native American fried bread made from strong white flour, and we all have that in the larder; it’s garnished with a black bean salsa. The section on Soya Flour tempts with Syrup-soaked soya balls. They would be a delightful end to an Asian dinner party.

Piña colada tart with rum custard uses coconut flour for the most perfect summer dessert

Do I have favourites? Well, yes and there are quite a few of them. Indian Sheer made with semolina is posh and delicious and simple to make. Chocolate tartlets use rye flour. The recipe for white chocolate blondies takes advantage of rice flour. Plum and Frangipane tart is a classic recipe but here Christine suggests yellow pea flour. A piña colada tart with rum custard uses coconut flour for the most perfect summer dessert.

Flour: a comprehensive guide offers a selection of unique recipes and you don’t have to have any kind of food intolerance to want to make them. The photography is enticing and encourages the home cook to have a go. I will be.

Flour: a comprehensive guide. Author: Christine McFadden
Price: £26.00
Publisher: Absolute Press
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1472945972
ISBN-13: 978-1472945976

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