Borgo Molino Prosecco – wine review

Borgo Molino ProseccoIt’s said that one eats with one’s eyes. Well, if that’s true then Borgo Molino Prosecco will be tempting before it even reaches the shopping basket.

This is a bottle that stands out from the predictable crowd. It’s a little squatter than bottles customarily used for sparking wine. It’s somewhat reminiscent of a small 17th century fortified wine bottle. The label is neat and as sparkling as the contents. One’s expectations will be high, and likely met by Borgo Molino Prosecco.

Tasting Notes

Made by a family-run company in Italy, Borgo Molino Prosecco is made with the classic prosecco method of secondary fermentation. It’s a pale wine with good fizz and medium finish. It has light body with agreeable citrus notes on both the nose and palate with, perhaps, just a hint of something floral. There is a freshness that makes this a most delightful glass as an aperitif or even with a white fish starter.

Borgo Molino Prosecco is a well-crafted sparkling wine, but it also makes a delicious cocktail for a special occasion. With the addition of a little Crème de Cassis one can make a Prosecco Kir Royal with a cherry-blossom pink blush – just right for spring.

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