Haynes Candied Jalapeños and More

The Power of Sweet Heat.

Charity Haynes founded Haynes Gourmet in the UK back in 2017 with her husband Robert and Dad, also called Robert. The company was small and producing tiny batches of Candied Jalapeños in their home kitchen, selling them at local food events and farmers markets. The company has grown but the ethos has remained the same and that seems to be all about taste, quality and attention to detail.

Those of us from this side of The Pond might not ever have heard about Candied Jalapeños but they are already an established favourite in the south of the United States. They are hot with balanced sweetness on the finish which turns into flavourful heat at the end. They are addictive! Haynes Gourmet has a range of delicious products and all of them are gift quality – but why would anybody give them away!!

The Haynes Gourmet range is all-natural and vegan-friendly, so suitable for everybody. They are well-crafted, unique and attractively packaged. The red candied Jalapeños are striking in every regard.  They contain Jalapeño chilli, pure cane sugar, cider vinegar and garlic powder. No strange aftertastes from alien additives.

All Haynes Gourmet products are made in England from carefully chosen ingredients to create some unique combinations. They include Green Candied Jalapeños, Candied Jalapeño BBQ Sauce, Candied Jalapeño Relish, Candied Jalapeño HOT Relish, and Candied Jalapeño Cranberry Sauce. There is Candied Jalapeño Strawberry Jam, and Marmalade too. Visit their web page and be tempted by a few of these jars or enjoy a taster selection.

These pepper products add vibrant and spicy zest to a simple plate of cheese and crackers. They are the perfect partner to cold cuts (think Christmas), they add colour and interest to breakfast scrambled eggs. Heat a little with butter for a fast pasta dressing. Add to mayo for a topping for raw vegetables. Stir-fry with rice and pork to make a beautiful quick and tasty dinner. Those are suggestions just for the red and green Candied Jalapeños! Add in all those other condiments and spreads and one has a battery of possibilities.

I am impressed by the Haynes Gourmet range. Each item has individual character. All of them would be appreciated by food lovers who are looking for flavour, quality and a point of difference. The perfect gift.


Visit Haynes Gourmet here