Food for Free: 50th Anniversary Edition

Food for FreeThis fully updated special edition of the complete guide to the edible species that grow around us includes a new foreword from the author, and a colour-plate illustration section with identification guides for all major varieties. Food for Free: 50th Anniversary Edition is already a classic.

Originally published in 1972, Richard Mabey’s iconic foraging guide has never been out of print since, and I own a rather elderly paperback. Food for Free is a complete guide to help you safely spot the edible species that you may find in green spaces and hedgerows, together with detailed field identification notes and recipes. This book will be more popular than ever: money is tight but we still have an interest in good healthy food – and it’s even better if it’s free!

Cooking and preparing foraged foods

This attractive 50th anniversary edition offers Richard Mabey’s updated text accompanied by practical information on recognising, collecting, cooking and preparing foraged foods, as well as history and folklore. There are plenty of colour illustrations of key species by expert botanical artists so one can pick with confidence.

Foraging can be fun but it’s important to be guided by the experts. Food for Free: 50th Anniversary Edition would be the perfect gift for those who are interested in finding free food, and for many a keen cook. One doesn’t have to live in the country to make use of this charming tome. There is a larder all around us.

Food for Free: 50th Anniversary Edition
Author: Richard Mabey
Published by: William Collins
Price: £22.00
ISBN-13: 978-0008543105