Brockmans in Miniature

Brockmans Gin in Miniature – the perfect serve

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Three cheers. Brockmans Gin, famed for its tactile black bottle, is launching a miniature, 5cl bottle for the first time. The bottle is an exact replica of the stylish larger bottle.

You’ll find these glorious little bottles of gin at around £4, through retailers and selected online outlets.

Brockmans features dark berries:  juniper, of course, but also blueberries and blackberries together with a delicious combination of other aromatics including bitter-sweet orange peel.

Noble tradition

The makers describe it as ‘The properly improper gin’. Brockmans was considered rebellious when it first launched because it drew together traditional and unusual botanicals with an untraditional dark bottle, signifying from the moment you saw it that this was not a traditional juniper-forward gin. Nose it and then taste it to realise this is a complex, beautifully made drink, in the noble tradition of classic gins but using 11 elegant botanicals which combine to make a spirit that is truly complex and intriguing.

The miniature is a perfect way for Brockmans fans to enjoy this exquisite, unconventional spirit wherever they may be. This launch is an invitation to those who aren’t yet familiar to try this decidedly modern and deliciously different gin. Of course, the miniatures will also make for welcome festive gifts for gin-lovers.

Enjoy Brockmans in a classic G&T, garnished with blueberries and pink grapefruit peel; on the rocks; in a negroni; or in a very dry martini, because a ‘properly improper’ gin underpins a perfect serve.