Decorrum Rum

Artful in every way

decorrumIt’s getting on to autumn and we are looking for drinks with pleasing warmth and bold character. Yes, a rum could fit the bill. That would revive memories of sun-kissed beaches, soft Caribbean breezes, the sound of breaking waves – and Manchester rooftops.

Perhaps we should do a literary rewind here. I did say Manchester and not Martinique. That’s right – it’s Manchester and not Mauritius. That city might not often be bathed in sunshine, but it does produce an essential ingredient for Decorrum rum and the skills to perfect it.

Back to the stylish 1920s

Decorrum has shelf appeal aplenty. The slim black bottle sports old gold lettering  which does indeed hark back to the stylish 1920s. Both the bottle and the rum within are Art Deco inspired. This bottle would look perfect presented on a mirror tray with a shiny stainless steel cocktail shaker, a brace of black-stemmed Martini glasses and a volume of Agatha Christie mysteries.

This Rum takes advantage of a very local and perhaps surprising ingredient. Honey! When you buy a bottle of Decorrum rum, you will adopt a Honey Western Worker Bee located in a sanctuary on top of the iconic Printworks building in Manchester city centre. This adoption will go towards both supporting the bees and their eco-system, and it’s also a donation to the charity ‘Forever Manchester’, supporting community activity across the North West. A delicious way to help out.

Tasting Notes:

Nose: honey sweetness accented by vanilla, warming spice

Palate: Christmas spices, caramel, rich sweetness, freshness from citrus

Finish:  Medium long finish with lingering orange zest

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