Montezuma’s – deliciously ethical

montezuma'sHelen and Simon Pattinson started Montezuma’s in 2000 with just one small chocolate-making machine. From the start a Business Done Properly policy was at the heart of the business and that covers everything from the way they work with suppliers, how much packaging they use, how they dispose of waste, to sourcing ethically produced ingredients.

Montezuma’s packaging is either 100% recyclable, compostable or biodegradable. They use paper and card rather than foil; any plastic is recyclable and there is even recyclable ink on the wrappers. The customer might not notice but the planet will.  Packaging is only sourced from the UK and Europe thus cutting down on the carbon footprint.

Cocoa, like any other crop, is affected by weather and the quality and quantity changes from year to year, so Montezuma’s source their cocoa from several different regions in order to guarantee product consistency. There are well-publicised issues with poverty, slavery and child labour in some cocoa-producing countries, and so ethical sourcing has been a priority for the company. Suppliers must meet stringent ethical criteria and certifications which include Rainforest Alliance, UTZ, Soil Association and Cocoa Horizons. Montezuma’s doesn’t buy on the open market as they can’t be certain it would meet their ethical sourcing guidelines.

A better standard of living

Being mindful of the everyday needs of farm workers is a priority.  Farmers need to earn enough money to continue. It’s important that they learn how to improve the yield of their cocoa plants and so enjoy a better standard of living from this cash crop. The company try to buy cocoa from sources free from deforestation and never use palm oil in their products. They do not use any materials from genetically modified sources, or those which have been subject to irradiation.

Montezuma’s products are attractive and practical but it’s the joy of chocolate which will assure customer support. Montezuma’s offer bars with unique flavour combinations to tempt chocolate lovers. Spice It Up – Dark Chocolate with Fiery Ginger, Splotch – 51% Milk Chocolate with Butterscotch, and Sea Dog – Dark Chocolate with Lime and Sea Salt, might well be creating bulges in a Christmas stocking. There are a host of other flavour profiles, and these bars are a reasonable price too! The range includes dark, milk and white chocolate, so plenty of choice for every taste.

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