BBQ Delivery

Quality and variety

BBQ chicken Oh, deep joy! Lockdown will soon be a nasty memory, and summer is just around the corner. I will celebrate the ability to go out by staying in. At home, but we will be with plenty of people who have come out to enjoy a rather classy BBQ thanks to 44 Foods!

But what to buy? So many friends! So many preferences! The kids want burgers, the teenagers want sausages, the boss will be impressed by a steak. I love ribs, he wants lamb. We all want chicken wings. This could take a while. For a moment there, a pizza seemed like a good solution!

My dear reader will be glad to know that I can point them in the direction of a fix for all those BBQ dilemmas. 44 Foods offers a BBQ Bundle which will keep every guest happy …or you can keep quiet, don’t mention it to anybody, hide those grilling goods and have quite a few tranquil BBQ dinners for two!

This bundle contains a comprehensive selection of meats, including two packs of tasty pork ribs, two packs of delicious Ultimate Scotch Beef Burgers, two succulent steaks, and much more. There’s plenty to go around!

The Large BBQ Bundle Delivered to your door!

Four BBQ Chicken Kebabs are perfect served with some salad and flatbread. Great fun to eat.

BBQ steakHalf a dozen tasty Traditional Thick Pork Sausages will get the party going, and the smell of these grilling bangers will likely have the neighbours knocking.

Four Aberdeen Angus Steak Burgers will have the kids drooling. Kid-sized but grown-up flavour.

Four Minted Lamb Kebabs are flavoursome and exotic. A hint of Morocco and ideally served with some couscous.

Two 21-Day Matured Scotch Rump Steaks, each 232g. Just need a few side dishes and a nice bottle of red. Truly outstanding steaks, being both tender and flavourful.

BBQ Pork Ribs are fun to eat and simple to prepare.

Two Ultimate Scotch Beef Burgers each at 170g are the adult face of a good burger. Delicious meat in a bun with your own choice of garnishes. The classic cheese and fried onions would be hard to beat.

BBQ Marinated Chicken Wings come in a 1kg bag.  This is also perfect for those wet days when the kitchen oven is the heat of choice. These are delicious wings when grilled over the coals, but one can still have a taste of summer whatever the weather. They are addictive.

44 Foods makes BBQ shopping a pleasure. The meats are already marinaded or seasoned, so the clever bit is sorted. The bundle offers something for everybody, and the quality is first class.


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