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MASSUCCO WINES For many years Loris Massucco has been working hard, supported by the experience of several generations of family wine makers, to create his new, innovative wines. All over the world, wine producers are constantly competing when it comes to promoting and selling their wines. What makes the difference all too often is price, at the expense of quality. To differentiate themselves, as well as offering classic wines of high quality, Massucco is working to innovate on two separate fronts.

Firstly: from the historic Roero vineyards, synonymous with wines such as Barbera and Arneis, Loris Massucco has a vision of the future, combining research and new methods of vinification with the careful ripening times of his beloved grapes. He has created wines that brilliantly express new and different aromas and flavours, whilst enhancing the potential of the classic varieties of the famous Roero wines.

Unique method

This involves a unique method, invented by Loris Massucco, which involves a first early harvest in a specifically chosen vineyard. The grapes are then vinified in steel. A second harvest is carried out after 30-40 days in the same vineyard, which is then vinified in new oak barrels.

The two harvests provide very different expressions of the same grape. The first is acidic, with the aromas and flavours of green fruits; the second is very sweet, with the aromas and flavours of exotic fruits and jam. Together, they create a unique balance.

massucco bottlesSo, classic Arneis becomes Sole dei Tempi and classic Barbera becomes La Luna dei Tempi: these are examples of how you can develop new wines when armed with a profound knowledge of the grapes and the terroir, whilst taking advantage of thoroughly contemporary methodologies.

Secondly: the search for a new blend of two great wines. Loris has used his Nebbiolo d’Alba of the highest quality and blended it with other wines from different areas of Italy, to make wine that nevertheless exalts the characteristics of the individual wines.

For example:

Nebbiolo: This grape tells us the tales of a terroir that is prestigious and rich in traditional values.
Corvina: The fruit of a land of love and passion. (And one of the grapes that goes to make Valpolicella).
Corvina is colourful and spicy, so when blended with the more tannic Nebbiolo, the mixture gives rise to an emotion and harmony that warms the heart.
massucco grapesThis experiment has resulted in a great wine to partner with game, risotto, cured meats and strong cheeses, or just for meditation. It is a completely different expression of the Nebbiolo grape. This wine is Terramore (Land of Love), and from the lees of this exceptional wine Loris has worked to create a range of cosmetics and has also put together a wine/food and spa package based at the vineyard. (Details available from

Finally, Spumante Cavaliere della Serra.  All the world has been going mad for Prosecco. Meanwhile the delicious, carefully made and traditional Spumante has remained popular in Piemonte. Its pleasure is known only to a few connoisseurs. Cavaliere della Serra is a wonderful example of this fantastic, traditional, sparkling wine.

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Box of 6 bottles LUNA DEI TEMPI:      £156.00  £124.80
Box of 6 bottles SOLE DEI TEMPI:       £156.00  £124.80
Box of 6 bottles CAVALIERE SERRA:    £120.00    £96.00

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