Young Living cocktails with New Culinary Essential Oils

Young Living corianderThese strange times have been tough for many of us. But lockdown has also allowed us to take life a little slower. We have reconnected with our kitchens as well as a classy drinking culture. Young Living have long been celebrated for their massage and aromatherapy oils but now they have a new range of culinary essential oils which are perfect not only for cooking but also for enhancing cocktails.

This newly expanded line of culinary essential oils can be added to your favourite recipes for a delicious hit of concentrated flavour without adding volume or changing the structure of the dish. The new flavours include Rosemary, Parsley, Coriander, and Citrus Fresh.

Coriander essential oil is a unique product and will be welcomed by any cocktail developer. Steam-distilled from coriander seeds, just a drop will flavour a couple of long cocktails to perfection. Simply shake with your chosen spirits and pour. No need to buy fresh leaves, no more muddling, and there will be no flecks of green vegetation to distract the eye.

Vodka and lime but also a hint of exotic coriander

I have designed a Bangkok Bear. It’s a take on a Moscow Mule but no animals were harmed in the preparation of either beverage. It takes advantage of ginger beer and vodka and lime but also a hint of exotic coriander from the Young Living essential oil company. It has that unmistakable melange of spicy ginger along with the freshness of coriander. Enjoy this simple cocktail over ice, and perhaps in a metal mug for a little theatre.

Bangkok Bear (for 2 cocktails)

100ml Vodka
300ml Ginger Beer (not ginger ale)
15ml lime juice (or lemon juice)
1 drop Young Living Essential Coriander Oil
Garnish: sprig of fresh coriander

Shake together the vodka, lime juice and coriander oil over plenty of ice.
Add ice to highball glasses or metal mugs.
Pour the vodka mix over the ice in the mugs and top up with ginger beer.
Garnish with coriander.

Young Living has set the standard for essential oil quality. They exercise rigorous controls to ensure that you are receiving essential oils exactly the way nature intended. That is important in aromatherapy and massage, but just as much when those delicious oils are to be consumed. I am looking forward to developing more cocktails with Young Living essential oils.


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