Cap Gin from the Côte d’Azur

Cap GinIt’s new to me, Cap Gin, but this spirit has character and it’s far more than a novelty. Yes, it’s a French gin. Well, we in the UK are making good quality wine, so a French gin should be no surprise.

Cap Gin is a new premium spirit from the Côte d’Azur in France, and it is a liquid representation of that sun-kissed region. The bottle describes the contents as L’Esprit de la Côte. It has the flavours of the land and the elegance of the celebrated coastal towns which have long been a magnet for cocktail-lovers.

This is a distinctive gin which displays layers of complexity while boasting a sweet and floral nature. This isn’t ‘just another style’ of gin but rather a thoughtful and inspired distillation.

The traditional foundation of a classic London Dry gin with the obligatory juniper and ubiquitous coriander has been built upon with fragrant rose, and delicate white blossoms to create a smooth and well-balanced quality gin which will likely have popular appeal.

Perfect al fresco afternoon libation

One notices citrus from the first encounter. The scent of roses and both lemon and, less prominently, orange zest are found initially on the nose and then the palate. Cap Gin makes a perfect gin and tonic, although I would choose a neutral mixer to enable the spirit to shine. A classic Martini becomes the al fresco afternoon libation of choice when made with Cap Gin. Serve well-chilled with a simple slice of lemon as a garnish, and preferably surrounded by a rose garden.

Cap Gin was a pleasant surprise. It is somewhat unique and will certainly ring some changes to one’s usual cocktails. It is an award-winner and it’s easy to see why. It’s the one to watch.

Tasting notes

Appearance: water white
Clarity: clear
Nose: fragrant, floral and citrus
Palate: lemon, roses, gentle spice
Finish: medium long
ABV 43%


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