Tidal Rum

From Islands near and far.

Tidal Rum is a winner before even opening the bottle.  It has shelf appeal with its tactile rounded shape and its beautiful and simple moon logo.

Tidal RumThis unique spirit is a sweet golden aged rum blend. At its core is a Caribbean rum which has been slowly aged in oak casks and infused with a combination of sustainable coastal botanicals gathered along the shores at Jersey’s full-moon tides.

Rounded smoothness

Tidal Rum is blended from rums distilled in Jamaica, Barbados, Trinidad and the Dominican Republic, and these islands are famed for their spirits. The rums are aged in ex-bourbon white oak casks for up to three years, giving rounded smoothness. The resulting matured rum is then finished with an infusion of oak-smoked pepper dulse seaweed gathered from the beaches of Jersey (that other island) at low tide over winter.

This classy rum has balanced notes of sweet caramel, tropical fruit, black pepper, truffles and a hint of that oak. The finish is long and warming. It’s the perfect rum for sipping neat over a beautifully formed clear ice cube. One could use in favourite rum-based cocktails but try unmixed first. The flavour might give some inspiration for one’s own creations.

Any rum lover will appreciate Tidal Rum. It looks lovely and the taste doesn’t disappoint. It will soon be Christmas, and this could solve a gift dilemma or two.


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