Neurita Tequila

Mexico for Christmas.

Neurita Citrus TequilaNeurita Tequila has launched fruit-infused Tequilas to elevate one’s Margaritas to new heights. The festive season will see us mixing cocktails for friends and family, and now we have some delicious support!

Neurita Tequila’s tangy citrus combines the classic taste of tequila with refreshing fruit for a truly different cocktail, but with all the appeal of the original. Margaritas are officially the world’s favourite cocktail, and we want to present a good one.

Neurita is the only tequila brand in the UK crafted to make Margarita cocktails simple for the home bartender. Because the range is sweetened with real fruit, there is no need to add triple sec, and that is a saving in money and fuss when making these cocktails. Now the iconic Margarita recipe has only three ingredients and less sugar and guilt.

Neurita Tequila is produced in a family-run distillery in Jalisco, Mexico and they know all about distilling that spirit there. The Neurita Citrus Tequila is zesty and bitter-sweet, taking advantage of Sicilian oranges and tangerines. It works perfectly as an almost classic Margarita by just adding lime and a dash of agave syrup.

For fans of Marg O’Clock.

Lucy Smith, founder of Neurita Tequila, says: “I have always enjoyed making Margaritas at home with friends, but have never found a tequila brand that represented the spirit the way I saw it. Most tequila brands are very serious, and I wanted something uplifting, playful yet credible, to change the status quo. Neurita was crafted with women in mind, but we certainly aren’t exclusively for the ladies: from what I have seen the men of the UK are also fans of Marg O’Clock.”

Neurita Citrus Tequila makes a lovely regular Margarita, but a ‘Neurita Margarita Spritz’ could be more appealing for all those drinks parties during the festive season. Into a glass filled with ice, add a double shot of this Neurita Citrus Tequila, juice of half a lime, and top with citrus soda. Garnish with a thin half slice of orange or tangerine, or spear that fruit with a cocktail stick with a cherry to really impress the in-laws.

Neurita Citrus Tequila and Neurita Rosa Tequila (both 70cl) sell online for £31.99 from the Neurita Tequila website, Master of Malt, and Amazon.


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