Wine Viña Leyda Reserva Syrah 2019

Value and quality

leydaViña Leyda Reserva Syrah 2019 is a creditable and great value wine which will be available at Co-op stores from 5th March. It’s priced at an exceptional £8.25 and this offer runs until 23rd March; after this time the wine will return to a very reasonable £12.00 per bottle.

Viña Leyda Reserva is a lovely wine to go with one’s Easter lamb dinner, although it works very well with pork, too. Its quality allows it to partner with well-flavoured sauces where one wants both the wine and the food to enjoy a harmonious marriage.

Produced by the pioneering winery of the Leyda Valley, a celebrated wine region, this is one of the most critically acclaimed coastal wineries in Chile. New World wines came of age a few years ago when wine lovers became confident enough to say, ‘A good wine is the wine I like, and I buy for taste rather than tradition’. Three cheers for that!

Viña Leyda winery excels in growing coastal-climate grape varieties. The air is cool and moist due to the breezes that roll in from the Pacific Ocean. Viña Leyda Reserva Syrah 2019 has the ideal weight and substance to match with springtime celebrations, when we are looking for freshness from that which is on the plate and that which fills our glass.

Tasting Notes

This has a pleasing aromatic presence displaying its unique cool-climate grape character. The application of a little time on oak enhances the dominant fruit.

Nose: subtle warming spice and black pepper

Palate: white blossoms, black and red berries, hint of oak with balanced tannins and acidity; wet stones giving minerality.

Pair with lamb or some light pork dishes.

If one is looking for worthy wines of any style then look for the less obvious choices, and away from Europe. There are some delicious surprises to be had that won’t break the bank, and Viña Leyda Reserva Syrah 2019 can be counted in that number.