Samuel Gelston’s Cream Liqueur

Have an Irish Whiskey Christmas.

Samuel Gelston’s Cream Liqueur Yes, it’s that time of year again. One has hardly got the pine needles out of the shagpile and another tree is being decorated. Lots to think about, gifts to buy and catering to consider. Samuel Gelston’s Cream Liqueur could solve the pressie dilemma at least. Gelston’s Old Irish Whiskey was founded in 1830 by Samuel Gelston, a prosperous wine and whiskey merchant from Belfast, Northern Ireland, so this company evidently knows what it is doing!

Irresistible melange

This Cream Liqueur is unmistakable. Its bottle is blue and striking and thoroughly contemporary. Yes, the packaging is impressive but so are the contents. It’s an irresistible melange of Irish Whiskey, chocolate and cream. It’s delicious sipped alone or on the rocks but it’s flexible. Pour over quality vanilla or chocolate ice cream.

Samuel Gelston’s is made with Irish Whiskey, and such luxurious drinks have become a traditional part of the Yuletide festivities. One might enjoy a taste while packing presents. A sip while watching the King’s Speech would be comforting. It’s rich and delicious.

Tasting Notes

Appearance:  white coffee
Nose: chocolate and a hint of vanilla
Palate: warming whiskey and rich creamy milk chocolate
Finish: Smooth and mouth filling with lingering chocolate

Also available at selected Tesco stores

Visit Samuel Gelston’s here for more information on this and all their other products