Chilli and Ginger Gin from ALDI

ALDI gin Chilli and Ginger It seems an unlikely marriage between a popular chain supermarket and Eden Mill. They are producers of Scottish small-batch craft gins. Those who frequent the beverage aisles of ALDI will expect a bargain and those who are familiar with Eden Mill will expect quality. One gets both in this unique stoneware bottle which seems to be the distillery’s trademark design.

It has the words ‘Botanical Project’ on the stoppered bottle. This is the result of the liaison between Eden Mill and ALDI. Thus far they have produced a Traditional Batch Gin, Blueberry and Vanilla, Elderflower and Citrus gins, along with a Peach and Cherry Gin Liqueur in this range.

This Chilli and Ginger Gin is the latest of the offspring and I would certainly be interested to taste the others. It is indeed a classic spice combination, but this isn’t one of those ‘competition’ products designed to make grown men weep and younger blades insist they are just fine as they mop the sweat from their immaculately trimmed beards. No, this is a well-balanced and crafted spirit with appropriate heat from the chilli and subtle warming flavour from the ginger.

Chilli and Ginger Gin from ALDI is already a TV celebrity! In a drinks review segment on James Martin’s Saturday Morning, a panel of three guests gave their seal of approval.

This would be the libation of choice on a cold winter’s night, simply served over ice. A more crowd-friendly occasion might find the owner of this gin conjuring up a jug or two of Bloody Marys. A dash of Worcestershire sauce and a celery stirrer per tumbler and one has the makings of a very convivial brunch.


Appearance: water white and clear with slight viscosity
Nose: citrus peel and juniper
Palate: The expected juniper with a decent belt of spicy chilli. The ginger is less pronounced but helps to mellow and round the flavour
Finish: long with lingering chilli heat

ABV: 43%
Bottle Size: 50cl


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