Wild and Game Isolation Pies

Wild and Game, the not-for-profit and favourite company of mine, are putting game on the menu across the UK. They have released a special self-isolation pack of frozen game meals, delivered straight to your door and designed to get people through self-isolation. Each £25 pack provides 14 days of dinners!

wild and game logo

I have enjoyed these pies in the past and I can honestly say that they will blow those isolation blues (sounds like a song)  away. At this time of shopping struggle it’s good to have a source of quality foods that will make us feel a little less confined. And free delivery to your very own front door, so no need to negotiate a path around big blokes with a decade’s worth of loo rolls. Deep joy!

The pack contains TWO EACH of:wild and game isolation

Steak and Pheasant peppercorn pie

Pheasant chilli with cheesy mash-topped pie

Pheasant cottage pie

Country Steak Pheasant and ale pasty

Country Pheasant Cajun Pasty

Country Pheasant Chicken and Mushroom Pasty

Country Pheasant and Peppercorn Pasty


Each pack is only £25 delivered free of charge directly to your door while stocks last.

The products arrive frozen but will keep in the fridge for 5 days if freezer space is limited.

Order code is WG0150

www.wildandgame.co.uk,  0800 433 4334


Steven Frampton, co-founder of Wild and Game said:

“The UK has found itself in an unprecedented situation and we recognise that as a retailer of frozen food we are able to offer something for the many people who are self-isolating. We’ve put together this cut-price pack with the aim of helping people to avoid supermarkets by having Wild and Game products delivered straight to the door. We hope we will be making self-isolation less of an ordeal by making mealtimes enjoyable.”