Buttermilk Fudge and Chocolate – without Butter or Milk

All-round confectionery pleasure

It will soon be Christmas and those festive days are usually laced with sweet treats to bring joy to all the family …well, apart from those who want a dairy-free diet. Buttermilk is a curiously named company with a mission to spoil everybody equally.

The whole family can share

Buttermilk have created safe bites that everyone can enjoy, whether those folks are dairy-free due to health issues, or just want a plant-based vegan diet. The whole family can share Buttermilk products without qualms. They have not skimped on either quality or taste, so no need to feel short-changed.  All the dairy-free and vegan sweets are palm-oil free and the packaging is fully compostable.

Any dairy-free food item has to be made in an environment where there is no trace of adulteration from dairy products. All the confectionery is made in a dedicated section of the facility which is regularly tested for traces of dairy.

Recipes used for more than half a century

There are sharing bags and boxes from Buttermilk to suit every sweet passion. The Heritage fudge and confectionery range is based on recipes used for more than half a century. Every sweet mouthful will delight those of every dietary persuasion. Yes, they are ‘free-from’, but the all-important quality, texture and flavour are still there.

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