Wasabi Chocolate Truffles – recipe

This recipe is embarrassingly simple but will likely get you a heap of compliments. Anyone who enjoys a dab of wasabi with their sushi will appreciate the heat, the spice and the flavour of these truffles.

100g dark chocolate (70% or the best quality you can find)
100ml double cream
10g butter
1 – 2 tsp wasabi paste or to taste (available from the Japan Centre)
Cocoa powder for dusting

Break the chocolate into small pieces.

wasabi trufflesGently heat the milk but don’t allow it to boil.

Put the chocolate, butter and wasabi into the warmed milk and stir till the chocolate is melted and everything is combined. Put aside to cool.

Use a small cookie scoop or a spoon to shape the truffle mixture into balls. Roll in cocoa powder to coat.

For extra flair add some edible glitter, pearls or beads.

These make an ideal end to a Japanese meal, served with hot coffee or green tea, for a meltingly-luxurious finish.

Visit the Japan Centre for more Japanese ingredients.


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Recipe by Chrissie Walker © 2018