Viners – A Stylish Bar

An Ice Bucket to Impress

viners ice bucketViners is a household name, at least it is in homes of distinction. They have been a family of silversmiths in the UK since the late 19th century. Their first manufacturing business was founded in 1908 in Sheffield, a city famed for its metal tableware.

After the First World War, Viners diversified into cutlery production and became leading cutlers within that celebrated marketplace. Viners has become the most recognised cutlery brand in the UK due to the quality of their products.

Viners offers not only classic and contemporary knives, forks and spoons but they also have barware to grace the sideboard of any enthusiastic home mixologist. The 1.5l Gold Double Wall Ice Bucket is a delight. The ‘gold’ isn’t blingy, sparkly or tacky. The surface is velvety and rich – think old-gold wedding rings; imagine antique broaches. This is a classy finish of gold with a hint of green.

An indispensable asset

A good ice bucket is an indispensable asset for any smart occasion. It’s practical for the barperson when making mixed drinks for a crowd, but is equally useful on the table when enjoying alfresco drinks with friends under the blazing rays of English sun.

This ice bucket is double-walled and designed to keep your ice colder for longer. If your ice bucket does not have that double wall it’s just, well, a bucket! The more ice you add the longer the ice will remain frozen. Your guests can put as much ice as they want into their chilled drinks. It’s made from fine quality steel and is corrosion-resistant.

Successful cocktail making is all about hospitality and attention to detail. Viners 1.5l Gold Double Wall Ice Bucket shows both those characteristics in attractive fashion.


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