Ginking Original Rosé

A Sparkling Cocktail

Here is a gem and new to me. It’s Ginking and perfectly timed for Valentine’s Day. This is a sparkling blend of blush pink English wine and aromatic London Dry Gin along with natural botanicals. It offers a host of presentation possibilities to impress the one you love.

ginkingGinking’s founder, Lord John Worontschak, spends time creating unique and characterful alcoholic drinks. His partner, Doctor Hillary, encouraged John to concoct a delicious mixed drink consisting of English sparkling wine and gin and tonic. Ginking is the result of that delicious challenge.

Ginking Original Rosé is an addition to the ever-changing Ginking range. It is a blend of wine and gin. I admit I was sceptical, but this was indeed a worthwhile tipple. It’s a new take on the ever-popular premixed cocktails flooding the market. The advantage of this one is that it is lower in alcohol than most such beverages, making this the ideal drink for long evenings spent over a marvellous dinner.

Lower than the average

This stylish bottle is filled with a pale pink wine with a fine fizz. There is a delicate aroma of rose petals as well as those gin botanicals. It is slightly sweet on the palate but there is a refreshingly dry finish. It’s only 8.5% ABV, which is a third lower than the average sparkling wine. One can enjoy several glasses of this and still remember proposing! It’s a cocktail for discerning adults who don’t follow the crowd.

But summer will soon be here (no, really) and al fresco entertaining will be on the cards. Ginking Original Rosé is convenient for serving a flock of friends. It’s refreshing when well-chilled or on the rocks. One can go to town with garnishes such as berries and redcurrants. Try freezing a raspberry in an ice cube to impress your garden party guests.

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