Hepple Spirits Gift Box

Outstanding Presentation

hepple gin gift setPerhaps we are all getting a bit jaded but it’s not often we find something that actually impresses. But the Hepple Spirits Gift Box does indeed impress, in both beautiful and delicious fashion.

It’s coming up to Valentine’s Day and this would certainly charm any gin lover. But it’s the perfect gift for any occasion.  This is an elegant gift set in a sturdy box which looks good enough to be found in a jeweller’s window. OK, so the set doesn’t contain strings of pearls but something equally delightful and more easily shared.

Hepple Spirits Gift Box contains an attractive bottle of gin and a brace of beautifully crafted stemmed glasses – ideal for a pre-dinner G&T before a romantic meal. It’s a gift which keeps on giving. One will likely want to replace the finished bottle with a fresh Hepple gin, but those lovely glasses will remain to remind the lucky recipient of that special giver.

Designed their own glassware

Hepple Spirits was founded in the Northumbrian Moors by food writer and celebrity cook Valentine Warner, and he has his birthday on Valentine’s Day! Bartender Nick Strangeway, distiller Chris Garden and keeper of the land Walter Riddell complete the team. They have designed their own glassware and the attention to detail shows with etchings of juniper sprigs. You won’t find these in glassware stores. These are a modern take on the classic ‘Nick and Nora’ glasses taken from the 1934 film series The Thin Man. The lead characters of Nick and Nora Charles enjoyed their cocktails from this style of glass. They are thoughtfully proportioned for the perfect martini.

Hepple take care when making their spirits. They aim to capture the fragrance and flavours of the local Northumbrian botanicals. The company has also embarked on conservation of British juniper through a sustainable juniper propagation programme. We should be looking to produce home-grown products wherever possible.

The sumptuous Hepple Spirits Gift Box can include a bespoke message card for the recipient; and it has a retail price of a very reasonable £60. Those glasses will become heirlooms and that card will be treasured.

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