Very Hungry Greek

Who says healthy food has to be boring?

very hungry greekVery Hungry Greek – an interesting title for a cookbook. I love Greek food …but wait, this isn’t a recipe book of Greek dishes, but rather a collection of celebrated recipes collated by the aforementioned hungry Greek, and she is called Christina Kynigos. The book offers 100 slimming recipes from around the world and each under 500 calories!

These healthy recipes from Very Hungry Greek will likely have wide appeal. It offers something delicious for every taste and every dietary need. This volume is particularly practical for those looking for that one cookbook that will provide inspiration for everyday meals as well as for entertaining with delightful culinary diversity.

Won’t break the bank

I have a host of pick-of-the-book no-guilt recipes from Very Hungry Greek. Red Pesto and Basil Shakshuka is my choice for breakfast, but it also makes a lovely lunch. Giving a nod to her Greek heritage, Christina has included Soupa Avgolemono, a traditional Greek cure-all soup. Gnocchi Bolognese is comforting and, taking advantage of beef mince, it won’t break the bank.

Sweet treats are here aplenty. Chocolate Mousse is a perennial favourite and this one only has 265 calories. Cookie Dough Mug Cake is perfect for those in a hurry: it’s ready in seconds. Maple Peach Crisp is simple to make but is good enough for a casual dinner party dessert.

Very Hungry Greek presents us with healthy dishes that don’t make people feel deprived. The selection of recipes is thoughtful and appealing. The perfect gift for a novice cook who wants to spread their culinary wings. An ideal book for people who want to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Very Hungry Greek
Author: Christina Kynigos
Published by: Meze Publishing
Price: £20.00
ISBN-13: 1910863916