Tofu from Japan Centre

Classic and Versatile.

Japan Centre tofuJapanese food is more popular than ever, and Japan Centre offers all the ingredients for authentic Japanese dishes. Tofu is a traditional food and there is a good selection here. Tofu is found in a variety of forms from soft and jelly-like to firm and robust – but what exactly is tofu and how would one use it?

The word “tofu” comes from the Japanese and is a corruption of the original Chinese word which sounded similar. Tofu was more commonly known in English as ‘bean curd’ a few decades back when it was still considered an Asian oddity. Tofu was first mentioned in China 2000 years ago. Its popularity spread to Japan and Korea and then beyond to the rest of Southeast Asia. These days it is available and enjoyed worldwide and is indispensable in many vegan and vegetarian dishes.

Different textures

Tofu is produced when soy milk is coagulated. Just like making cheese, the resulting curds are then pressed to extract some of the remaining liquid, giving different textures such as silken, soft, firm, or extra firm. Each of these styles can be used in different recipes. Japan Centre also offers precooked tofu ready to add to your favourite sauces or to be filled with sushi ingredients.

It’s true that naked tofu doesn’t have a heap of taste. Its virtue is that it readily absorbs flavours, making this a culinary blank canvas. My favourite preparation is General Tso’s Tofu and Mushrooms using firm tofu. Try with Japanese curry sauces or in fragrant Cantonese dishes as a meat replacement. The softer types of tofu are delicious for those hot summer days when cool and light foods are in order. Simply turn onto a plate and score the top of the block to about halfway through. Sprinkle with salt and allow to stand for an hour or so; pour off any accumulated water. Pour a mixture of soy sauce, ginger and finely chopped spring onions over. Use this as a side dish to Chinese and Japanese salads.

Find all the tofu you will ever need at Japan Centre.