Lakrids by Bülow

Mellow Yellow Chocolate Coated Liquorice.

lakridsYes, I can appreciate the best chocolate, but I often find it too sweet. Perhaps it’s an age thing. Now I look for sharp, tangy, salty, bright flavours and I have a few go-to products. Lakrids by Bülow offers plenty of choice for me, and Mellow Yellow Chocolate Coated Liquorice is a favourite.

In Denmark, Johan Bülow was on a mission to create something special. He developed a range of liquorice which is a Scandinavian and Dutch favourite, and in 2007 he launched his company Lakrids by Bülow. It was a huge success from the moment the shop opened.

Freshness of lemons

Mellow Yellow Chocolate Coated Liquorice is a well-balanced and delicious confection, and is available from the on-line store. It is a melange of iconic salty liquorice along with the light freshness of lemons. The liquorice core is coated with rich white chocolate, flavoured with that citrus fruit and sweet vanilla. Allow the chocolate coating to slowly melt in your mouth (if you can) to reveal the salty interior. Taste once and you will know why this is so popular.

Lakrids by Bülow make perfect gifts for those looking for a less sugary treat. It’s different, and the lucky recipient will think your choice inspired. Another fan will likely be born.


Gluten free – liquorice is made from gluten-free rice flour so everybody can enjoy it. Made in Denmark.


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