The Tortilla Cookbook

Tortilla CookbookThe Tortilla Cookbook is a new recipe book, but it already has a history. It has been inspired by the viral TikTok trend #TortillaChallenge. We all know how popular those bite-size presentations have become.

This book is a compilation of 60 quick, easy and tempting wrap recipes that you can make for any meal at any time of day. These ideas will be perfect for those of us strapped for time. Just buy your favourite tortilla for the base and then it’s just a matter of assembly.

The concept is simple: you cut a slit in a tortilla from the edge to the centre. Top each quadrant with a different and complementary ingredient. Artfully fold the tortilla over on itself to form a triangle. Toast it, fry it or eat it just as it is! No silverware needed.

Enjoyed on the go

Chapters include Brilliant Breakfast and Brunch, Everyday Favourites, Love Your Leftovers, Easy Cheesy and Sweet Treats. Al-desko lunches don’t have to be boring. Dinner can be made the night before and heated in moments for those nights when there is no time for cooking. Breakfast can be enjoyed on the go.

Cheeseboard Melt is savoury and delicious and works for a quick lunch, or add a salad for a fast dinner. Store-cupboard satay would be a spicy start to an Asian picnic. Toasted Club is substantial and the plate of choice when sipping a chilled beer.

The Tortilla Cookbook has fast and mostly healthy recipes for every taste, and you won’t have to take a degree in catering to enjoy the fruits of very little labour.

The Tortilla Cookbook
Author: Sarah Cook
Published by: ‎Seven Dials
Price: £9.99
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1841885445