At Home with Romulo

A Finish-at-Home Meal Kit for Two

Romulo kit menuIf you are a regular reader (and why wouldn’t you be?) then you will already know that Romulo Café and Restaurant in London is a favourite culinary haunt. But now I can enjoy their outstanding food even when I can’t sit at one of their tables. Yes, I will miss the ambiance, but nobody at home will care if I am enjoying my dinner in my PJs. A Romulo’s Finish-at-Home Meal Kit for Two is a casual delight.

Break out a white linen tablecloth

But in reality, this freshly made meal can be as simple or formal as you could want. I might not be in crushed velvet and pearls but the quality of food demands that I break out a white linen tablecloth, open a bottle of something special, and light a candle or two. This delivery isn’t a soggy cardboard-wrapped pizza. This meal is just what one would expect from a fine restaurant, and it only demands a little work from you.

One can order a Romulo Meal Kit through Plateaway, which offers a selection of choices for 3 courses. Each dish is sealed and packed and comes with detailed instructions. It doesn’t require any cheffy skills and no costly equipment. It’s all fool-Romulo kitproof.

Pretty as a picture

Our Meal Kit comprised Scottish Salmon in a Tamarind “Sinigang” Broth: this tamarind flavoured stock with salmon is fresh-tasting and prepared with daikon, tomato, bok choy, French beans, onions and aubergine. Romulo include illustrations so you can make your presentation as pretty as a picture; Truffled Chicken Adobo “Romulo Style” is Norfolk chicken cooked in soy sauce, garlic and cane vinegar, accented with black truffle sauce and served with sweet potato. The side dishes were Sauteed Bok Choy and Romulo’s classic garlic rice, along with pandesal rolls. They are light and addictive and go perfectly with every food item. There was dessert, too, and it’s a Filipino favourite. Sans Rival is made with dulce de leche, buttercream, cashews and meringue. All that’s needed is a nice cup of coffee to finish this delightful meal …and somebody to do the washing up!

Romulo Café and Restaurant has earned its reputation and it’s a good one. They continue their attention to detail with these Meal Kits. There are dishes to suit every taste and the portions are generous. They are convenient and great value for money. I will remain a frequent diner at the Romulo kit salmonrestaurant, but a meal at home will fill in between those visits.


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Visit Plateaway here to order your kit