Lizi’s Granola

Lizi's granolaLizi’s was founded in 2003 with a focus on healthy living and wholesome foods, and to create nutritious cereals that would also be delicious. The original recipes were created by founders Dr Mick Shaw and his wife, Lizi. Lizi’s became the first cereal brand in the UK to measure the Glycaemic Load of their products, to help customers make the best choices.

Mick and Lizi created their first cereal and served it to the guests staying at their Bed and Breakfast. The expanded range of Lizi’s cereal is GL tested to ensure customers are confident that the food will provide them with slow-release energy to keep them feeling fuller for longer.

Healthier alternatives

Lizi’s Organic Granola with nuts and seeds contains the finest ingredients like toasted oats and, obviously, nuts and seeds. There are no refined sugars, as black treacle and agave syrup have been substituted as healthier alternatives giving a more complex and delicious flavour, too. This granola also provides you with all-important fibre, protein and healthy fats, contributing to digestive, heart and immune health as well as maintaining mental wellbeing.

Lizi’s Organic Granola with nuts and seeds will do you good and likely stop you snacking all morning, and it quite simply tastes good. Healthy food only gives benefits if people are encouraged to eat it. A breakfast of a bowl of Lizi’s is a great start for the day.

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