Burp – The Other Wine Book

BurpNo need to even open the cover of this substantial volume to be assured that this is indeed a wine book like no other!

Author Bas Korpel is a writer and vinologist, and since 2011 he has immersed himself in wine – well, metaphorically speaking, anyway. He has worked for several advertising agencies in Amsterdam and has a background in Hospitality Management. Co-author Jur Baart is the owner of multi-award-winning agency, Fitzroy, and board member of the Esprix Awards. Burp is his brainchild, and he has illustrated the book himself with striking line drawings.

Every wine has a story, a history, and Burp offers a unique insight into the bottles shown here. The label is the first chance for a wine to make a first impression, and that is before the cork is even pulled! Jur Baart and Bas Korpel believe that a wine tastes better when you know a bit more about its background. The label can make the difference between a sale or a missed opportunity.

Bold and imaginative labels

Burp – The Other Wine Book offers overviews of 40 wines, and each has a noteworthy tale to tell. They range from exciting natural wines with bold and imaginative labels to classy classics. Well-known producers included in the book: Château Mouton Rothschild, Pol Roger, Marqués de Riscal. Well-known winemakers included in the book: Angelo Gaja, Telmo Rodriguez, Francis Ford Coppola.

Burp is a book for wine lovers and particularly those who want to snuggle with a good read, a fun anecdote, some beautiful photography and temptations for one’s next wine purchase. This would be the perfect gift for a connoisseur, but also for those who are just now becoming more interested in the pleasures of wine sipping.  There is plenty of information about each wine, but it is presented in a truly accessible fashion. A delightful and very different addition to any wine book collection.


Publisher: BIS Publishers; 1st edition (26 Aug. 2021)

Authors: Bas Korpel and Jur Baart

ISBN-13: ‎978-9063696276

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