The Roots of Kimchi

The Roots of Kimchi is a British company distributing an iconic Asian product. So, what exactly is Kimchi? Kimchi is perhaps the most celebrated of Korean foods, although it’s not a dish in its own right, as it’s a versatile condiment.

roots of kimchiThe Roots of Kimchi products have been using the same traditional methods that Koreans have used for hundreds of years. Making kimchi was a way of preserving vegetables for consumption later in the year. Cabbage was usually used but so many other vegetables lend themselves to this form of fermentation.

This company draws on Korean culinary heritage and combines that with modern British production processes to keep quality high and flavours fresh. The kimchi is made using authentic family recipes made in small batches by Koreans – the Roots of Kimchi founders are Korean and English – and they are promoting a food which is both delicious and healthy!

Topping for your favourite burger or hot dog

The Roots of Kimchi offer a wide range of mouth-watering pickles suitable for every taste. They work perfectly as a condiment for meat or fish and add a pop of colour and a hint of exotica to any cheese board. Kimchi is a perfect topping for your favourite burger or hot dog, too. They have great taste and texture and work perfectly with fried foods. But crispy kimchi pancakes make a delightful snack which is made in moments.

These jars of kimchi add zest to so many meals whether they be European or Korean. One taste will have any true foodie’s (I hate that word) mind racing. There are so many varieties that it’s easy to ring the changes to one’s usual meals.

The Roots of Kimchi products have great taste and texture and will likely be a new ingredient to many. Food has become a focus over these last long months, and we search for something new on our plates. This could be it!

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