Dima’s Vodka

Dima’s Vodka is new to me, but this bottle has been a welcome introduction.

dimas vodkaBut what exactly is vodka? It’s a spirit traditionally made in Poland, Russia, Sweden, Ukraine and a few other Eastern European countries. It’s basically a combination of water and ethanol derived from cereal grains that have been fermented, although potatoes are also often used and fruit, herbs and spices can be added for flavour.

Vodka is traditionally drunk “neat” although Dima’s Vodka makes a perfect take on a Dirty Vodka Martini. This cocktail offers the marriage of traditional and contemporary drinking habits. Vodka is often served from the freezer, and this chilling changes the character of the spirit making it more refreshing as well as creating a more viscous texture.

Create a point of difference

It is a subject for discussion as to which country first produced vodka. But each distiller endeavours to create a point of difference. Dima’s Vodka is made in a 125-year-old distillery on the outskirts of the Ukraine capital city, Kiev. Dima’s Vodka is, in my opinion, a sipping spirit rather than a sporty shot-downing beverage.

So much in life is about first impressions. Dima’s Vodka had great shelf appeal. The bottle is tall and uniquely angular. The blue label is crisp and classic with a coat of arms. The shape is said to be more practical for storing in the freezer. The spirit has a subtle aroma which is reflected in the flavour. Dima’s is made from grains but there is a hint of both fruit and vanilla. The finish is long and agreeable.

The black soil of Ukraine is said to be the key to growing the spirit’s base ingredients of barley, wheat, and rye. Dima’s Vodka is crystal-clear, smooth, with no hint of the harshness of many an inferior spirit. It makes a perfect cocktail but is warming and flavourful at room temperature – although I think a chunk of ice elevates the drinking experience. The traditional Ukrainian method of convivial consumption is with a pickle. Yes, a green and mouth-puckering vegetable which usually starts life as a cucumber. It works. Just add some of the pickle juice to the Vodka and one has a Ukrainian Dirty Martini. A little different from the ubiquitous olive brine variety but worth trying. Go lightly with the pickle liquid.

Dima’s Vodka is more refined and polished than many vodkas found in the UK.


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