The Grey Horse Kingston

Marvellously messy BBQ.

The Grey Horse PubIt seems to me that there are only a few good eating opportunities in Kingston, but The Grey Horse, a Smok’d BBQ Pub, is a cut above, and well worth a look.

The Grey Horse has all the elements of a traditional pub but with a contemporary twist. It has great cocktails and a famed whisky collection, but it’s the food that will keep folks coming back.

This is West London and an unlikely location for authentic BBQ, yet here it is. The menu is creditable, with a few items for non-meat eaters, too. The portions are generous, and the plates are well presented. The service is friendly, and the location is convenient, being just around the corner from Kingston rail station and a slew of bus routes. The Grey Horse Kingston ticks so many boxes.

We began our meal with Buffalo Chicken Wings. A set of 6 was perfect as a starter. Nothing timid about the chicken glaze. The ideal nibble to accompany a beer or house cocktail.

Pork Belly Rib with Asian Slaw was my guest’s main meal. I had never come across pork belly ribs, being more of a belly strip aficionado, but this was a revelation. The impressive rib bone was encased in falling-off-that-bone-tender meat, the most succulent, the most delicious meat.

The Grey Horse wingsPulled Pork Sandwich was my meal choice, and this was another considerable plate. The meat was flavourful with a finger-licking BBQ sauce. A moist sandwich with tangy coleslaw as a counterpoint to the sweet porkiness. Our sides were well-seasoned skinny fries and we were also tempted by a unique menu item of broccoli, cashews and small potatoes. This might not, on the face of it, seem particularly appealing, but it was in fact a tasty surprise. Yes, the fries were good, but I would suggest going for this broccoli-and-potato combination: meltingly tender veggies and  ask for extra bread, or at least a spoon, to finish off that dressing!

The Grey Horse Kingston is a casual eatery, no doubt, but it offers culinary skill, imagination and polish. It starts with the trimmed celery garnishing the chicken wings, all the way to the bread for the sandwich. The prices are reasonable, and the pub exudes a quirky charm which is hard to find these days. It’s fun and accessible. There is a £12.00 lunch menu which is great value for money, too!

Smok’d originated from a pop-up from Ribstock champions ‘BBQWhiskyBeer’. Their menu’s take influence from BBQ all over the world – smoking, roasting, charring and grilling – inspired by the smoked meats of great American pit masters; but cooked with a Modern British touch.


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