Summer with The Sausage Man

This summer is strange. We have a new normal. The weather has a mind of its own. We enthusiastically embrace the garden. But The Sausage Man offers some delicious distraction in the form of a host of meaty goodies.

This chap’s title (although ‘he’ is in reality a company) should more accurately be The German Sausage Man. That additional word would likely lead the reader to visualise a totally different preparation from the usual English banger. Yes, I love those too, but a German sausage is very different, and it comes with regional variations, textures and flavours.

sausage man hot dogs

The Sausage Man Ltd. is a successful business that specialises in these delicious Continental delicacies. It began importing fresh sausages in 2005 and since then it has been a provider of products to restaurants, cafés and homes. Delivery is fast and efficient.

The Sausage Man imports their hot dogs, German sausages, and other products from 20 different butchers around Germany. From their brochure one could design one’s own back garden sausage fest, and that could include a selection of sausages as well as the appropriate breads and even mustards. England is famed for English mustard, but it seems that Germany has quite an array of condiments.

Generous in their proportions

sausage man dogs and mustard

I love German food. It’s an unsung European cuisine and I don’t understand why. So many dishes are hearty and comforting and ideal for informal feasting. These substantial products are generous in their proportions but, more importantly, they are perfectly seasoned and moreish. What’s more you will find sausages to suit various dietary requirements.

Most of us are familiar with the ubiquitous Hot Dog. We think we know them. We say we have tasted them, but unless you have tried them in Germany it’s probable you have encountered inferior examples. You might have munched a dog in a Scandinavian homeware store. Wonderful when one needs a quick mouthful between sofas and glassware, but hardly memorable. Or there are other styles available in jars. All very nice and convenient for filling the kiddies at teatime, but hardly a gastronomic talking point.

The Sausage Man has Hot Dogs for which to die. They are authentic and will be appreciated by those who actually have an interest in fine foods. One might present these epicurean beauties in the open air, and they could be the centrepiece of one of the best al fresco meals one would have enjoyed in a long while. Quality does not have to be starchy and stiff. A fluffy bun, a sizzling hot dog and a garnish of German mustard are all that’s really needed for a wonderful BBQ – although a glass or two of German beer would finish the meal very nicely. The toast might well be ‘To The Sausage Man’. His name and his hot dogs will be on everyone’s lips.


Visit the Sausage Man here