Greyson’s Premium Pink Gin from ALDI

A vision of summer sunsets

The bottle is eye-catching, with a pink label to enhance the pink libation one will likely soon be enjoying. Greyson’s Premium Pink Gin from ALDI is a vision of summer sunsets, or crushed red fruits swirled through cream. A garden party in a bottle, this is sure to be a winner.

ALDI Greyson's-Pink-GinI am an unashamed fan of ALDI spirits and Greyson’s Premium Pink Gin doesn’t disappoint. It is, as aforementioned, a baby-blush pink. It’s heavy with raspberry and strawberry notes and even a suspicion of cherry. It’s the perfect gin for those who are looking for a sweet mixed drink. This is a flavoured gin and quite different from a classic Pink Gin cocktail. (That was just a regular clear gin with Angostura Bitters from which the cocktail gets its subtle hue, and was much-loved by sailors in the 1800s, who would have seldom attended refined garden parties.)

Tasting notes:

Bottle Size: 70cl

ABV: 37.5%

Clarity: Clear with pink hue

Nose: berries and juniper

Palate: summer berries

Finish: medium


Serving suggestion:

Over ice, topped up with a classic tonic. Garnish with a fresh raspberry or several frozen berries instead of ice.


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