St Pancras Grand – Breakfast – restaurant review

St Pancras Grand eggsIt’s one of Britain’s most celebrated buildings and doubtless the most stunning of Victorian stations. St Pancras has it all. Original brickwork and sweeping iron beams framing huge windows. A bustling terminus welcoming travellers from both home and away, and bidding bon voyage to those off to the Continent or elsewhere in Britain. It has marvellous facilities for the comfort of those souls.

Early Friday morning found us rubbing shoulders with the thronging masses of commuters and holiday-makers. Slightly limp shirts, briefcases, panama hats and posh frocks adorned the bodies waiting for trains, for friends, for family and for food. No need to go hungry here, and the choice of eating establishments is extensive.

One finds the usual selection of Costabucks and Sarnie Salons on the ground floor. All reasonable quality food I am sure, and just what you want when looking for portable snacks and drinks. But take the escalator to the first floor and discover somewhere that could well become your regular pit-stop. It certainly has become mine.

St Pancras Grand sausageSt Pancras Grand is just the style of restaurant that one would seek out when in Paris, but here it is and it’s ours. At first glance one might expect a breakfast here to be something just for the occasional treat. Well, think again. A tasty savoury and unlimited tea will cost less than £7; the ambiance is free of charge. Compare that to a single cup of coffee and a muffin elsewhere and you’ll agree it’s an attractive alternative. Visually and financially.

The Grand English breakfast is just that. It’s the full works and bound to be a favourite with those waiting to board the Eurostar to France. This restaurant will get you in the mood. You have a view of your iron horse while you savour your eggs and bacon and all those other items which make the fry-up truly Grand.

Many of those Eurostar travellers are celebrating. Breakfast at St Pancras Grand offers the most stylish start to the trip. Smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, toast, tea and coffee are joined by a chilled and sparkling glass of Pommery Brut Royal NV. You can order a glass of fizz with any breakfast dish, even boiled eggs and soldiers.

St Pancras Grand yoghurtEggs Benedict is often my breakfast of choice …when someone else is cooking. It’s a comforting yet classy dish and done very well here. Buttery Hollandaise sauce coating eggs poached to yolk-flowing perfection, several slices of ham, and toasted English muffin made a rich and sustaining start to the day.

My guest has a blokey appetite for substantial breakfast nosh, and the sausage sandwich took his fancy. Simple fare relies on quality ingredients for its success and these Cumberland sausages were pronounced flavourful and meaty. The bread was a soft roll which made for easy eating and both brown and tomato sauces were served on the side. Only a Philistine would attempt to devour a sausage sandwich without such condiments.

If you are en route to La Belle France then you might want to consider a Continental breakfast. There are all the components on the menu to provide a light repast. Fruit juice, a Danish pastry and some coffee could fit the bill. The pastries are warm and buttery and melt-in-the-mouth. A bowl (it’s a large bowl) of Greek yoghurt with a jug of honey is probably healthier. St Pancras Grand coffeeHomemade granola with berries also comes highly recommended, although porridge might be in favour during the colder months.

St Pancras Grand is affordable luxury. It’s surprisingly good value for money for such a stylish and comfortable restaurant. Come in time to allow for a long leisurely breakfast. Bring the morning paper and sit back and enjoy. It’s tranquil, unhurried, and pampering at a decent price. Visit when you are travelling from St Pancras or Kings Cross, which is just across the road.

Opening times:
7am – 11pm daily,
9am – 11pm Sunday

St Pancras Grand Restaurant
St Pancras International Station
Upper Concourse, Euston Road
London NW1 2QP
Phone: 020 7870 9900
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Restaurant review by Chrissie Walker © 2018


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